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MDB powder is the best solution for cleaning chrome.

The specially developed powder formula, will restore the chromes original appearance easily and quickly.

Will remove any darkening and blueing from the chrome silencers, as well as from exhaust pipes and stainless steel products.

MDB powder is recommended for cleaning chromium from rust on parts such as bumpers, mirrors, moldings, fuel tank covers, silencers and any other chrome-plated parts.

If you use a polishing machine or a vibro machine, MDB powder will remove small scratches in a few minutes. It will also get rid of stains accidentally obtained on the exhaust pipes from burning boots.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Can it clean rusty impregnations from the front forks on my motorbike?

Yes of course, MDB Powder is especially formulated for this and is designed to clean rust that climbs out from under the chrome.

Can MDB Powder polish somehow damage chrome?

MDB Powder is not a regular polish for chrome and if your chrome is in good condition, the use of MDB Powder is not recommended for regular cleaning.
However, MDB Powder is designed only for cleaning rust and blueing, as well as cleaning boot burns on tailpipes.

Can MDB Powder scratch the chrome?

If a paste is made from the powder before use, with the addition of a small amount of water, then in no case does the paste scratch your chrome.

How long will the chrome last after cleaning with MDB Powder?

This case is purely individual. It all depends on how many factors, such as: The general state of the chrome and in what state it was before cleaning.

I have on my motorbike, in addition to chrome, a lot of aluminium parts that also need cleaning. Will it be enough for one package or better to order two?

Most likely you will only need one package of MDB as the powder is formulated for cleaning chrome only.

Is there anything required before and after cleaning with MDB Powder?

Before cleaning, make sure that the treated surface is cleaned or washed from sand and dirt.
After cleaning, you can apply any polish with protection, from external factors.

Last year I fitted stainless steel pipes and they yellowed from the heat. Will MDB powder help?

Yes. With proper application and high-quality cleaning, you will return them to their original shine. MDB powder cleans everything from stainless steel, bronze, brass etc except aluminium.

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Attention! We do not accept claims in the case of partial or total damage to chromium due to misuse of our products or other factors that led to the loss of the client's property. If for some reason you want to return the goods and get your money back, it is possible to do it within 30 calendar days after payment. Refunds are possible only after we receive the goods back. Forwarding of returnable goods is carried out at the expense of the buyer. The returned goods must be delivered back to us in their original packaging and in good condition. In the event of damaged packaging as well as changes in the appearance of the package, the money for the goods will not be returned.